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        CL  rochari area, 84600  Mykonos town, Mykonos, greklandSe kartaCLrochari area, mykonos, 84600, grekland Latitude: 37.443948; Longitude: 25.330097
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      Medelvärde3,3/5av 2 
      • Rum
        3,5 / 5
      • Faciliteter
        3,5 / 5
      • Städning
        4,0 / 5
      • Matkvalitet
        3,0 / 5
      • Personalens professionalism
        3,5 / 5
      • Förhållande pris - kvalitet
        2,5 / 5
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      • Semeli1,8/5


        Anonymous Publicerad den 2015-08-14Kommentar på English

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        Currently finished up my stay at the Semeli Hotel in Mykonos. Where do I begin? From the non complimentary water in the room? The fact we had to pay for airport transfer? No coffee machine in the room? I could easily just let those things go, after all it is a 5 star hotel so they do sting you left right and centre. The thing that really pissed me off though was the fact that I had a medical condition, very bad chest pains as I do suffer from anxiety I kindly asked the hotel if I could check out 3 days earlier, so instead of staying there a week it would only be 4 days, but they wouldn't budge, I would of had to pay $1700 au if I left earlier. I run my own business so I do understand that they are running theirs, BUT as it was a medical condition I find it absolutely pathetic on their behalf they didn't acknowledge it. I went to a doctor in Mykonos and thank goodness he took care of my issue with prescribing me with antibiotics for my chest pain. Overall this hotel is over rated, next time I go to Mykonos I will stay at another hotel where they value their customers. I'm sure management at Semeli hotel would love to know that I will inform my 280,000 Twitter followers, 49,000 Facebook followers about my experience at your hotel. Thanks